Inclusive House of Hearts charity festival


2 September 2017

On 2 and 3 September, the first House of Hearts charity festival will be taking place on Moscow in support of the Naked Heart Foundation. The two-day inclusive art project will be held right in the city centre on the grounds of the Shchusev Museum of Architecture. Visitors to the event will be able to enjoy aspects of contemporary culture such as music, theatre, literature, architecture, science, modern art, fashion and technology, while at the same time contributing to the development of an inclusive society that is open to people with special needs. The project director is Alisa Kretova and Stay Hungry is responsible for the creative concept. Visitors to the House of Hearts festival can expect musical performances, lectures and master classes, drama productions and experimental literary readings, thematic educational sessions, immersive theatre, a food festival and a special children's zone. The programme for the first day, the overarching theme of which is music, was established by Maria Pirumova. A stage will be set up on 2 September in the square outside the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, where guests will be able to watch performances by artists Samoe Bolshoe Prostoe Chislo, SunSay and Luna, and sets by famous Djs. The second day of the festival will begin at midday on 3 September and will appeal to people of all ages and abilities, including families. The impressive museum space will be divided into various zones, each focusing on a separate cultural theme. Each zone has its own curator, who is responsible for choosing its content and designing the corresponding programme. The literary section is curated by Ekaterina Troepolskaya and Andrei Rodionov, the fashion section is designed by Ekaterina Pavelko, the architecture section is set up by Elizaveta Likhacheva and the theatre section is produced by Daria Verner. The content for the modern art programme was chosen by Valentin Dyakonov and the festival's artistic director is Misha Gannushkin. A food market will be open on the museum square on both days. The format of the House of Hearts festival assumes the active involvement of the viewer in the creative process. Visitors will be invited not simply to observe the activities taking place in the various cultural zones, but to play a part in the action themselves – to try their hand at being creator and director. At the same time, as well as having a great time and enjoying lots of new experiences, they will be able to contribute to the creation of an inclusive society and help those most in need – children with disabilities. All the funds raised through the event will go towards the development of projects relating to inclusive education for children with special needs. More information: #houseofhearts #nakedheartfoundation House of Hearts organisers: Naked Heart Foundation, Stay Hungry, Unity, Journey WHAT: Inclusive House of Hearts charity festival WHERE: the Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia WHEN: 2-3 September 2017
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