"Naked Heart Online: An online platform for professionals and parents raising children with special needs has been launched in Russia


25 November 2019

On November 25, the NakedHeart.Online platform started its work, which became possible thanks to the social program #RightHappiness of the Naked Heart Foundation and the Agusha baby food brand.

The Naked Heart Online platform is designed to provide informational support to parents, teachers and anyone who helps children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Down syndrome and other special needs. The main goal of the resource is to make international evidence-based practices available to the Russian-speaking audience. Over the 15 years of its operation, the Naked Heart Foundation has accumulated an impressive archive of materials and makes great efforts to disseminate this knowledge in various formats free of charge. The updated platform will gather much-needed knowledge in a convenient form, accessible regardless of geography and other circumstances.

Asya Zalogina, President of the Naked Heart Foundation:

- The new resource will be a solution to the problem of finding the necessary information. Unfortunately, the Internet is full of outdated, inefficient and often harmful information and services. At the same time, "Naked Hearts Online" should not be perceived as a step-by-step instruction, as the materials published on the site will not replace the early intervention for children with special needs, face-to-face seminars or workshops for professionals and parents.

The Naked Heart Online platform will feature video interviews with international experts in the field of child development, articles on proven effectiveness methods, and a glossary. Parents and specialists will also be able to listen to the podcasts "Inclusion and Life". The first issues will be dedicated to legal aspects of raising a child with disabilities, and new episodes will be published once a week.

The new platform will provide access to webinars and materials accumulated over the years of the Foundation's work in cooperation with 25 leading international organisations in the field of children's development, as well as electronic versions of books published by Naked Heart. New topics and materials will be constantly added to the website. In addition, an agreement with the Marcus Autism Center at Emory University (USA) is in the process of signing, and very soon the expert materials of this organisation, will appear on the platform translated into Russian.

Margarita Molodikh, PepsiCo's Director of Child Food Marketing:

- As a brand whose mission is to raise healthy and happy children, we believe that every child has a right to happiness. And every child should be given the opportunity to use this right regardless of ability or individual qualities. This is the idea of our socially oriented programme #RightForHappiness. And as a result this, the Naked Heart Online platform was launched. It is very valuable for us that "Naked Hearts Online" is a Russian-language resource with the most actual information and other materials. This platform is one of the important steps on the way to the formation of an inclusive society, which means that there will be more and more happy children and families in our country.

The launch of the resource "Naked Hearts Online" is one of the complex steps in the overall strategy that the Foundation tries to implement: to solve the problem of lack of specialists, lack of information that can be trusted and myths that go around mental disabilities. This platform will become part of the Foundation's mission - to help build an inclusive society open to people with special needs.

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